Mary-Lee is a multi disciplinary artist, based in Montreal, Canada. Originally born and adopted from the province of Jiangxi, China, the search for her identity has be one of the main pillar of her artistic endeavours. Some aspects that have contributed greatly to this is not only being in touch with two different cultures, but also her study of street dance styles, such as hip-hop, popping and strutting since 2018 to this day.
Not only has this led her to constantly perfect physical skills, but also to developing and enhancing new ones like graphic design and administrative roles such as project management, content creation, social media management and much more. Self-taught in many domains, she’s been able to experience art under many form while juggling other tasks wether it be payroll, billing or web enrichment, making her an extremely versatile worker, always finding ways to better herself.
Her latest accomplishments included the production of a short film, Answer, commissioned by CanAsian Dance and working with Do Phan Hoi, joining Anomaly Dance Company as a founding member and interpreter as well as Forward Movement Dance Company as a project manager and interpreter.​​​​​​
instagram @mareliley / behance : @maryleebrunet / youtube : @maryLeebrunet / soundcloud : @mareliley / facebook : @mareliley / linkdin : @maryLeebrunet  / indeed : @maryLeebrunet
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